Cotton Farming in NC: Thriving Industry

North Carolina, known for its picturesque landscapes and rich agricultural heritage, has established itself as a prominent player in the cotton industry.

With its ideal climate and fertile lands, the state has become a major contributor to the nation’s cotton production.

In this blog post, we will explore the significance of North Carolina’s cotton industry, its annual production figures, key regions for cultivation, and the vital role played by the NC State Extension in supporting cotton growers.

1. Annual Cotton Production: A Glimpse into the Numbers

North Carolina boasts an impressive annual cotton production of approximately 1,005,000 480-pound bales.

This significant output solidifies the state’s position as the seventh-largest cotton producer in the United States.

The consistent growth in cotton production reflects the effectiveness of agricultural practices and the dedication of cotton farmers in North Carolina.

2. The Cotton Heartland: Exploring the Coastal Plain Region

The coastal plain region in the eastern part of North Carolina serves as the prime hub for cotton cultivation.

Thanks to its favorable climate and soil conditions, this region has become the focal point for cotton farmers.

The combination of mild winters, ample rainfall, and a longer growing season offers an ideal environment for cotton plants to thrive.

The Eastern North Carolina cotton belt is celebrated for its remarkable contributions to the state’s overall cotton yield.

3. Acreage Under Cotton: North Carolina’s Standings

The state’s commitment to cotton production is reflected in its dedication of land for this valuable crop.

In 2013, North Carolina allocated approximately 450,000 acres for cotton cultivation, securing the state’s position as the third-largest in cotton acreage nationwide, following Texas and Georgia.

This staggering acreage highlights the vital role cotton plays in North Carolina’s agricultural landscape.

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4. NC State Extension: Empowering Cotton Growers

The NC State Extension plays a pivotal role in empowering cotton growers with timely and relevant information.

As a resourceful organization, the extension provides crucial production information, best practices, and cutting-edge research to support cotton farmers throughout the state.

Their outreach programs and educational initiatives ensure that cotton growers have access to the latest advancements in the industry, thereby promoting sustainable and efficient farming practices.


North Carolina’s cotton industry continues to thrive, bolstered by its substantial annual production, fertile coastal plain region, and significant acreage dedicated to cotton cultivation.

As the seventh-largest cotton producer in the country, the state has earned its place on the cotton industry map.

The role of the NC State Extension in supporting and guiding cotton growers further cements North Carolina’s status as a leader in the cotton industry.

With a promising future ahead, North Carolina remains an essential contributor to the nation’s cotton supply and an exemplar of successful agricultural practices.