Chisel Plow vs Moldboard: [Comparison Article]

In this article. you’ll learn some of the differences between the two types of plowsOpens in a new tab.. Then you can decide which is best for your land. I’m going to do my best at making this a straight to the point type of article.

The main difference between the chisel plow and moldboard is, the chisel breaks up the top layer of soil as oppose to the moldboard flipping the top layer over and bringing up fresh ground.

Chisel Plow vs Moldboard

Advantages Of Chisel Plowing

There are a few advantages a chisel has over a moldboard plow. Below I’ll go through every advantage that I  know of and some that I researched online.

  1. Time.  It takes a lot less time to chisel a field as opposed to moldboarding it.
  2. Ease of use.  The chisel is much easier to use than a moldboard plow.
  3. Fuel Cost. Chisel plowing saves on fuels coasts compared to moldboarding. On average chisel plowing uses 1gallon of fuel per acre. Moldboarding takes 2.2 gallons of fuel per acre for crop production on average.
  4. Plowing Depth. A chisel plow can go down anywhere from 6 to 12 inches in depth. And the  moldboard plow goes anywhere from 6 to 10 inches deep.
  5. Compaction. The chisel plow will compact the soil less than a moldboard, when plowing. Also when your moldboarding, your putting the tractor tires in the plow fur, which compacts the soil more.
  6. Erosion. A chisel plow reduces soil erosion when compared to a moldboard. When you moldboard, your turning the top down and the new soil on top becomes more susceptible to the wind and rain.

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Advantages Of Moldboard Plowing

Chisel Plow vs Moldboard

In this section, we will talk about the benefits of flipping the soil as opposed to “scratching” it.

  1. Crop Residue. When your done moldboard plowing your land, you will see little to no corn stubble or weeds because the plow will bury them. Which has its own benefits the following year if you moldboard again.
  2. Weed & Disease Control. When moldboard plowing your burying the weed seeds and any type of disease that is on the top of the soil. A chisel plow pretty much has the opposite affect.
  3. Soil Temp. The moldboard plow will bury the crop residue and bring up fresh soil to the top. Which, in turn, will make the organic matter oxidize quicker and decay into the plowed earth much faster, while increasing the soil temp on top for quicker starts for your planted crop. The opposite can be said for chisel plowing.

You can also check out Quora for more details here, Chisel Plow vs MoldboardOpens in a new tab.


So, when deciding to moldboard or chisel, you’ll have a better idea on which to choose. If time spent in the field is a concern, go with the chisel.

If you want the best yields your ground can give you, go for the moldboard. Both work. Just a matter of which one is suitable and makes sense for you and your land.

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